SafeShade: Clothes for Deprived People

August 3, 2011 – 3:37 PM

Microsoft Student Partners Bangladesh has taken an initiative to collect winter clothes and distribute them among the deprived people in North Bengal where the cold shows its extreme severity. The MSP network is holding this noble event under the title ‘SafeShade: Clothes for Deprived People’. The idea of SafeShade was generated by Niaz Morshed (me), Country Lead – MSP Bangladesh.

The first event of this series was held at AIUB. The students and teachers of AIUB were requested to drop their used/new clothes in the boxed placed in different campuses. This campaign avoided any kind of money transaction – which means we only collected clothes. The clothes collection and required the use of AIUB campus arena to put the banners of the ShafeShade program with clothes boxes and to stick the posters on the notice boards and other suitable places. AIUB authority was very helpful with the whole procedure.

After the first phase of the program ended which is collecting and packing the clothes, the destination needed to be specified. We contacted SHAFA at Dinajpur – an NGO working hard for the welfare of the countrymen and requested them to help us distribute the clothes. They were very eager to do so and thus the MSP AIUB Team along the the Country Lead started for Dinajpur. The clothes distribution was successfully held by SHAFA coordinator and the MSP Team. Microsoft Developer Evangelist Omi Azad was also present during the event. Microsoft Bangladesh helped with all kind of logistics support for the event.

We have plan for running different welfare campaigns under the title of SafeShade such as medical service for the slum areas in Dhaka city and tree plantation at Gazipur or nearby placed but outside the boundary of Dhaka.


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