MSP Mind Sharing with Marcos Pinedo

MSP Mind Sharing with Marcos Pinedo @ BASIS SoftExpo 2011

August 4, 2011 – 8:28 PM

At that time, MSPs from AIUB, NSU and UIU were on top of the MSP Bangladesh network’s operations and they were cordially invited by Mr. Omi Azad, Developer Evangelist – Microsoft Bangladesh to the Imagine Cup pavilion at BASIS SoftExpo 2011. Purpose – multiple. Sharing experiences among each other along with a great chance to get introduced to each other, maintaining the Imagine Cup pavilion and greeting the visitors of the fair, and most importantly, participating in a mind sharing session with Marcos Pinedo, Regional Director, Developer & Platform – South East Asia, Microsoft. The MSPs were very excited to meet him and his knowledge and experience really helped them a lot on that day to move forward and keep astonishing with their still-unexplored skills and possibilities. There was a vast array of topics that the MSPs discussed with him, such as Imagine Cup local round of Software Design competition, Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals that was due at NYC later that year, MSP operations and the skills a successful MSP might require, and the challenges that the MSP Bangladesh Team faced and overcame.

Imagine Cup

MSPs were very much interested though none of them were sure at that time if they were going to participate in the Imagine Cup. They had a lot of questions in their mind Marcos tried to give them a very good idea how to approach. His best advice for the Imagine Cup project ideas was –

“When you came up with an idea but are not sure if that is going to win the Imagine Cup, ask yourself a question – would you invest your one million dollar in this project if you were given a choice or would you rather go for stock market? If your mind asks you to invest that in your software project, that is an Imagine Cup winner.”

MSP Operations

When Marcos was informed about the challenges that the MSP team faced while pursuing some universities in Bangladesh, he advised not get frustrated with one or two failure. he was pretty happy with the performance of MSP Bangladesh Team and encouraged them a lot to keep up the good work. He also asked them to handle a situation tactfully and accept the negativity of the target audience with a great deal of patience and friendliness.

Some New Ideas and Marcos’ Feedback

As the Country Lead of MSP Bangladesh, I always thrust myself to improve whatever the current situation is and thus come up with some ideas like TechFire, SafeShade, Imagine Cup Junior etc. Marcos listened to them all carefully and gave his feedback how he thought that the ideas could be better implemented. As a result to that, TechFire and SafeShade already became popular among the students and the country people. About Imagine Cup Junior, he suggested to ask school going teenagers to submit photos captured using their mobile phones or any kind of cameras which will be based on the UN Millennium Development Goals. I strongly hope that idea would come to light someday very soon.


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