MSDN Academic Alliance Registration Camp @ AIUB

MSDN Academic Alliance Registration Camp @ AIUB

July 31, 2011 – 2:11 PM

The MSP network at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) held a two weeks long camp at the entry of AIUB Campus 4. The target of this camp was to let the freshmen know about the MSDN Academic Alliance and help them get registered to the MSDN Software Center (ELMS) so that they can use the genuine Microsoft software for free. Before the registration camp started, the MSP AIUB network did a mass-marketing for the camp and let all the students know about it through campus notice board and the official Facebook page for MSP Bangladesh network.

The Event through the Lens | Event Video – 1

The response from the students were more than expected. For a proper authentication of the whole registration procedure, we collected the AIUB ID card photocopies of the students along with their hotmail/live email addresses written on it. We received more than a thousand papers within 2 weeks. Along with the main purpose of collecting the student requests for MSDNAA, the MSP network also let the students know about the Facebook page where a bunch of MSPs and the Microsoft employees replies to the student queries related to MSDNAA or any other Microsoft related issues. The page grew in terms of the number of followers radically and loads of students got their problems solved within 24 hours from the submission of their queries.

Microsoft Bangladesh Developer Evangelist Omi Azad arranged a mind sharing session with the MSP network in Bangladesh and the Microsoft Singapore DPE Marcos Pinedo at BASIS SoftExpo 2011. In that session, Marcos appreciated the idea of this registration camp and he showed the MSPs several ways of extending this kind of events in future. As a continuation of that meeting, the MSP Bangladesh network has decided to hold these registration camps in each and every universities that is empowered with MSDN Academic Alliance.

The FTP Server for an Easy Downloading of the Microsoft Software ISOs

MSP Country Lead (Bangladesh) Niaz Morshed (me) took the initiative of making one of the Windows servers running at AIUB the FTP server for MSDN Academic Alliance software so that the students of AIUB can download the software at ease. Most of the students were facing the low bandwidth problem while trying to download several gigabytes of ISO files from the ELMS server using their internet connection. Now they are blessed with this FTP dedicated for them to access the software just by connecting to the AIUB WiFi or LAN.


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